Kelley MBA Core experience: Fall 2008

My first blog post and at the strangest time. I am a student in the class of 2010 MBA at Kelley IU. I think I am majoring in Finance/Marketing/Entrepreneurship or none of the above. Well, actually I’ll use the three weeks of Christmas break to decide.

I should be reading the Corporate Finance book because I have to sit through an exam in less than 6 hours. But oh well, I’ll live to see another day. 94% of our Core grade has already been decided, so I am not too bothered about the remaining 6%.

I have no motivation to study anymore (actually since the thanksgivings break). For those of you who don’t know much about Kelley MBA Core. It is brutal and unfair :). I say that because of two main reasons. Firstly, it is brutal because 15 credit hours for one semester in grad school for ppl who have left work for school (and some considered it 2 years of vacation) curse themselves and their decision. Secondly, it is unfair because arguably, Kelley has arguable, eight of the best MBA professors for the eight classes in our MBA Core, and with no time for any class, there is a prevailing feeling that we can never get most out of any class or any professor. The faculty here is amazing, the Core faculty at least :). A few of us realized this when we were mulling over the faculty feedback forms. There were not many things on the forms that we could actually not give the faculty high marks on. Now, 8-9 hours before it is all over, I have stopped wondering why Kelley claims to have the best faculty among comparable programs.

The semester has been as turbulent as the wall street since September. The first couple of weeks were spent in disbelief and shock over what has hit me. You could study eight hours a day after class and still feel that you have so much work to do, I had no clue I would feel this helpless in grad school, specially at an MBA program which is supposed be all about networking and some superficial things ;). The next few weeks till thanksgivings went so fast because of the workload that I don’t remember much, so I would restrict the mention of that to one line. I thought the break would rejuvenate me, but the damage done to my brain cells before the break was not repairable. Consequently, I had no motivation to study. Then I talked to some 200 of my class mates and they felt more or less the same way.

I’ll leave it at this. I got three more chapter to go about Risk and Return. Heck, if those boys at wall street failed to see the risks, who am I to claim that I can do a better job !!! [actually I think I can 😉 ]

Yours truly, UQ


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